It’s not just you

Did you know that at least 5% of the world’s population suffers from excessive sweating? That is approximately 365 million people. Study shows that females are more comfortable talking about the issue, however, many people struggle to be open about it as they feel embarrassed. Talk to your friends or family about the issue, and you might be surprised by how many people struggle with sweating too.





Cotton is one of the most breathable fabrics and is great to wear when having problems with sweating. It absorbs the sweat with as it’s a natural fiber. Next time you go shopping for clothes, find clothes made out of cotton and see how well it works for you!

How to dress with having sweating problems?

Have you ever had problems with getting dressed because you’re concerned with getting sweat marks on your clothes? Especially in situations of being stressed, which is often important situations such as presentations, meetings, parties etc., we sweat more than normal. Having clothes that promises not to show sweat marks can therefore feel suiting, and even make you sweat less. This blog will therefore have strong focus on how to dress when you sweat.

White clothes

Be sure not to show any sweat marks with wearing white clothes. Sometimes it depends on the type of fabric of the clothing, but most fabrics, such as cotton, should not leave sweat marks. What might happen is that the white clothes can be left with some yellow sweat stains that can smell and be difficult to remove if you don’t wash it away well enough. A good tip here is to soak the clothes with a little bit of chloride, and then put it in the wash!

Try it out!


Sometimes normal deodorant is not enough. Smell isn’t the only thing people with excessive sweating want to avoid, they also want to avoid sweating even more.

Antiperspirant is a type of deodorant that helps reducing sweating. Aluminum salts is the ingredient in this type of deodorant that creates a gel-layer that stops more sweat coming out (

So, if you’re looking for a deodorant that keeps away smell and sweat, look for the antiperspirant ones. Most brands have them, and is easy to find in grocery stores and also pharmacies.

Avoid spicy food

All of us might have experienced getting heat waves and increased sweating from eating spicy food. Not really a great first date type of meal (been there done that).

Why this happens is because your body’s body temperature starts increasing as it is trying to fight the spicy chemicals from the food that you are eating. Signals are then sent to the brain, and the brain starts the process of trying to cool the body down by producing sweat from over a million different sweat glands (

Eating spicy food is like asking for the sweating to start, and should be avoided if you feel uncomfortable sweating at the time you are eating. Eating spicy Indian food at home in your underwear tho is a different story.



Loose clothing

Wearing tight clothes can be scary as it can easily show sweat marks.

Wearing loose clothes minimizes the chance of the sweat getting near your clothes, and provides more air for the skin, which can help dry out the sweat. Like I wrote in the previous blog post; wearing an undershirt underneath can help you out if you are still scared of sweating trough your clothes.


When starting to sweat under your arms, you can sometimes feel it dripping down and you have no control over where it is going.

Wearing an undershirt underneath whatever you are wearing will control the sweating by making it all sink into the shirt and not going anywhere else. Although, if you are an excessive sweater, your sweat will just go trough what you are wearing over it. So, the suggestion is to wear something a bit lose on top of it. For example, having an open, comfortable long sleeve shirt over it is perfect as you can show your undershirt, have a chilled and cool style, AND get some air under you arms.

Black clothes

Getting dressed can be difficult when dealing with sweating, because you do not want to wear clothes that reveals you are sweating.

Black clothes does not show sweat marks, and therefore comes in handy. Although, on a hot day, black clothes can make you sweat even more. So make sure the black clothes you are wearing are made of light fabrics to not get too hot.

If you are not a fan of black clothes, you can try to mix it up with colorful accessorizes. In this way you can still maintain your style of fashion.



Dealing with sweaty hands?

Handshakes and all other activities involving hands can become awkward when dealing with sweaty hands. It is something that is difficult to control, and often gets worse in stressful situations. Aka., the sweating starts when we least want it.

Washing hands regularly, just water is fine, takes away the sweat and cools off your hands. Having a tissue in your pockets or in your bag is an excellent idea, as you will have easy access to dry your hands regularly and quickly. Try to observe when the sweating gets worse, and see if there is anything you can do to solve the problem. For example; if you sweat more during business meetings, do something before or during the business meeting that calms you down.