It’s not just you

Did you know that at least 5% of the world’s population suffers from excessive sweating? That is approximately 365 million people. Study shows that females are more comfortable talking about the issue, however, many people struggle to be open about it as they feel embarrassed. Talk to your friends or family about the issue, and you might be surprised by how many people struggle with sweating too.




Loose clothing

Wearing tight clothes can be scary as it can easily show sweat marks.

Wearing loose clothes minimizes the chance of the sweat getting near your clothes, and provides more air for the skin, which can help dry out the sweat. Like I wrote in the previous blog post; wearing an undershirt underneath can help you out if you are still scared of sweating trough your clothes.


When starting to sweat under your arms, you can sometimes feel it dripping down and you have no control over where it is going.

Wearing an undershirt underneath whatever you are wearing will control the sweating by making it all sink into the shirt and not going anywhere else. Although, if you are an excessive sweater, your sweat will just go trough what you are wearing over it. So, the suggestion is to wear something a bit lose on top of it. For example, having an open, comfortable long sleeve shirt over it is perfect as you can show your undershirt, have a chilled and cool style, AND get some air under you arms.

Black clothes

Getting dressed can be difficult when dealing with sweating, because you do not want to wear clothes that reveals you are sweating.

Black clothes does not show sweat marks, and therefore comes in handy. Although, on a hot day, black clothes can make you sweat even more. So make sure the black clothes you are wearing are made of light fabrics to not get too hot.

If you are not a fan of black clothes, you can try to mix it up with colorful accessorizes. In this way you can still maintain your style of fashion.